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Revitalize your garden—and go beyond organic—by making your own biologically diverse inoculants and mineral-rich amendments using local ingredients: leaf mold, weeds, eggshells, bones, seashells and other materials available for little or no cost. Close the waste gaps!

In The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments, experimental gardener and author Nigel Palmer provides practical, detailed instructions that are accessible to every grower who wants to achieve a truly sustainable garden ecosystem. Learn how to make and apply biological and mineral amendments at a fraction of the cost of commercial products. Enjoy increased soil biological activity and broad spectral mineral availability that will increase plant pest and disease resistance, increase yields, and the nutrient density of the final product. Watch the number and variety of pollinators increase, while toads and frogs return to the garden space!

Recipes include:

  • Using leaf-mold to ferment plants or to stimulate the soil biology
  • Extracting minerals from shells and bones using organic apple cider vinegar
  • Homemade apple cider vinegar
  • Fermenting weeds using organic brown sugar
  • Culturing indigenous microorganisms (IMO)
  • How to apply products made as foliar sprays and drenches
  • Mineral analysis of the products made using these recipes

Inspired by the work of many innovative traditional agricultural pioneers, especially Cho Ju-Young (Korean Natural Farming), The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments provides simple recipe instructions that facilitate plant-soil interactions. Instructions for conducting soil tests, making mineral-rich compost, diverse cover cropping methodologies, mulching philosophy, measuring the quality of fruits and vegetables using a refractometer and other aspects of sustainable gardening are clearly outlined—making it a must-have resource for any serious grower.


The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments

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