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Sustainable Foraging

At the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, we pride ourselves on our unique educational philosophy rooted in hands-on learning and sustainable practices. We teach sustainable foraging skills and the making of effective medicines emphasizing the use of locally harvested plants. Learn about the power of the plants in your back yard: invasive plants, common garden weeds, trees, shrubs, and other woody perennials. Discuss the overuse of sensitive and endangered plants and local alternatives. Our programs include instruction in wild plant identification, cultivation of medicinal plants, sustainable harvesting, drying methods, storage, and a food-as-medicine approach to using herbs. Build your own personal apothecary from locally abundant and ethically sourced plants.


It’s about nourishment from the ground up

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"Nothing like hands-on learning!! You can't smell and touch the herbs or hear the pollinators with an online course!"    MEREDITH

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