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The Kitchen

Time spent in the kitchen will nourish and inspire you as we share the preparation of healthy foods and explore ways of extending the harvest.

Our comprehensive culinary program provides the tools, knowledge, and motivation needed to cook and to eat in balance with the seasons and the environment. As the kitchen is the heart of a healthy home, the TIOSN kitchen is the place where nutrition, foraging, and the harvest come together. Classes feature locally sourced produce and products used to create recipes that sustain good health, and lay a solid foundation for continued experimentation and learning in your own home.


In TIOSN’s kitchen, creativity, learning, sharing, and inspiration are combined with the best each season has to offer to provide the medicine needed for sustainable health and nutrition.

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Students will learn to cook with all of their senses to create dishes that are balanced, nutritious, delicious, and suited to their unique constitutions.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Pantry basics    

  • Knife skills     

  • Whole grain and legume primer

  • Fermentation   

  • Dehydrating   

  • Extending the harvest  

  • Bone broths

  • Cooking with invasive species

  • Simple, healthy, quick meals without a recipe

  • And so much more

"The lessons from the garden, forging, and science of nutrition all come together in the kitchen where you build the skills to become a confident, active participant in your health."  JIMI 


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