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Real Food Matters

...nourishment from the ground up


Earn A Certification in
Real Food Matters


Classes meet throughout the seasons. In each class meeting we explore new topics that weave together the hands-on components of Sustainable Regenerative Gardening, Sustainable Foraging, Culinary Skills, Kitchen Medicine with the Science of Nutrition. We bring a fresh, sometimes surprising, always interesting exploration into the subjects.  This time in the gardens, kitchen and classroom, provides a unique integration of all of the subjects and lends itself to discussions beyond the expected.

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What You Have When You Complete the Program:

If we want to maintain/regain our health we have to move back into the garden and kitchen with joy and curiosity. We need to regain confidence in our innate ability to listen to our bodies. Every household use to have knowledge to turn first to the garden and kitchen for our health.

This certification in Real Food Matters will give you an understanding of the science of the human body, how to grow food and herbs using sustainable regenerative gardening practices, and how to use these practices in the kitchen to make delicious food and simple yet powerful kitchen medicine.

When you complete the program you will have:

  • An understanding of how diet and lifestyle influence:

    • Inflammation

    • The microbiome

    • The immune system

    • The body burden and toxicity

    • How digestion works and how to improve it for better health

  • A functional pantry to create healthy meals

  • More confidence to create meals without a written recipe

  • How to grow, harvest, dry and use our amazing herbs and foods for a winter apothecary of kitchen medicine

  •  An understanding of the plant and soil model to grow nutrient rich foods

  • A plan for your kitchen garden

  • Knowledge of some of your local weeds and what to do with them

If you’d like to learn how to grow and cook real food and understand how food and herbs can help sustain your health, you’re a perfect candidate for the Sustainable Health and Nutrition program and a certification in Real Food Matters.

Find out more by contacting us at 860-764-9070 


“Truly a wonderful program. Hands-on learning you will use for the rest of your life! So thankful I have met these wonderful people!”   NANCY

“This has been a wonderful program, anyone interested in health and nutrition will love it.”    KIM

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