Thousands of years of food wisdom in 12 months...

Earn A Certification in Sustainable Health & Nutrition

Classes meet one weekend a month throughout the four seasons. Each weekend we explore new topics that weave together the hands-on components of Sustainable Regenerative Gardening, Sustainable Foraging, Culinary Skills, Kitchen Medicine with the Science of Nutrition. The instructors from each subject area along with guest speakers bring a fresh, sometimes surprising, always interesting exploration into the weekend subjects. Most classes have multiple instructors present for a myriad of perspectives of this knowledge and these skills. This provides a unique integration of all of the subjects and lends itself to discussions beyond the expected.

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Who Is This Program Designed For?

This certification program is perfect for anyone who wants a holistic understanding of nutrition, the human body, how to learn to grow food using sustainable regenerative gardening practices and how to use these practices in the kitchen to make delicious food and simple powerful kitchen medicine. This equips students to spread this information and these skills, whether it’s at home, at work, in their professional practices, or in the community.

A good match would be:

  • People interested in health, food, gardening, cooking, sustainable foraging, and kitchen medicine

  • People who want a deeper understanding of herbs and the role they play in our health

  • Teachers who want to bring hands-on learning into their classrooms

  • Traditional and alternative healers who want more to give to their patients~

    • Nurses and doctors

    • Mental health care-givers

    • Bodywork therapists

    • Personal trainers

    • Chiropractors

    • Massage therapists

  • Parents who want to implement this knowledge with their children

  • Nutritionists from traditional clinical institutions

  • Students in traditional nutrition programs who want a more integrated education

If you’d like to learn how to grow and cook real food and understand how food and herbs can sustain your health, you’re a perfect candidate for the Sustainable Health and Nutrition program.

Find out more by contacting us at 860-764-9070 or email us.

“Truly a wonderful program. Hands-on learning you will use for the rest of your life! So thankful I have met these wonderful people!”   NANCY

“This has been a wonderful program, anyone interested in health and nutrition will love it.”    KIM

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