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New Sustainable Herbal Intensive
Remembering Our Roots...


Join TIOSN in our NEW Sustainable Herbal Program! Now Accepting Applications For Spring of 2024



This hands-on program is designed to build your confidence and understanding of how to grow, harvest, and use our local herbs as food and medicine. We will focus on the many well-loved garden herbs we can grow and those we sustainably forage in our region.


The classes will take place out of doors and in our pavilion.

In these classes you will:

Learn, share, taste, smell, grow, explore, make food and herbal products, and build community.

Some of What We Will Cover:

Historical Overview of Herbalism                Sustainable Foraging                                  Energetics of Herbs                                  Extracting Plant Medicine                            Adaptogens We Grow in Our Region            Preserving the Herbal Harvest                        Herbal Beverages                                      Herbs for Cardiovascular Health                    Herbal Magic                                            Herbs for Winter Care                                Planning or Expanding Your Herbal Garden

 Plant Identification

 Nutritive Herbs

 Herbs for Digestion

 Medicinal Mushrooms

 Culinary Herbs

 Herbs for Cognitive/Mental Health

 Double Extractions of Mushrooms

 Herbs for Colds and Flu

 Herbal Nervines

 Herbal Plants for Containers                    

And So Much More...


We Are Accepting Applications For Spring of 2024!



Classes will meet one Saturday a month from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and will take place in the gardens and in our outdoor pavilion at

Lucky Dog Farm.

In Addition:

  • There will be additional time spent on projects at home each month

Tuition Includes:

  • Instruction by both Joan Palmer and Alison Birks with possible guest appearances

  • All materials to make the in-class projects

  • Handouts

  • Plants from the garden when available

  • Certification



Email us at or call 860-764-9070


Additional expenses that you may incur:

  • Books - we will introduce many beautiful books. You will want to purchase a few... budget!

  • Herbs to build your apothecary

  • Plants for your garden. The best way to do this is to trade plants with other gardeners.

  • Tools for the kitchen and garden

All of these -- books, tools, plants, and knowledge --

will be gathered and traded over your lifetime.


Take a deep breath and enjoy this delightful, amazing, life altering journey

with a community of like-minded souls.'s about nourishment from the ground up.

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