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Certification in Sustainable Health & Nutrition

...nourishment from the ground up

Changing The Future
From The Ground Up

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, (TIOSN)  integrates traditional food wisdom with the science of nutrition creating an innovative model of holistic health education. Classes infuse the hands-on components of sustainable regenerative gardening, culinary skills, kitchen medicine, and sustainable foraging to skillfully weave together the relationship between soil health, human health, and environmental sustainability. This amazing relationship reveals an unavoidable connection with the outdoor world and the joyful knowledge that we are working with nature rather than fighting it. This all comes together when what we grow and gather is brought into the kitchen to create delicious, nourishing food and powerful plant medicine. This is when we truly begin to understand that food is our medicine.  And the time spent in these garden and kitchen tasks - tasks that are steeped in traditional knowledge and wisdom - create and sustain our community.


…It’s about nourishment from the ground up.


... "Fantastic, hands-on experience with all the tools you need to start you on a path to truly sustainable, healthy living and eating. I love the emphasis on the community!"


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Available now...

"For the dedicated organic farmer, [this book] is a gold mine of astonishing methods and new possibilities for growing and maintaining a sustainable and truly organic garden.”

     Publishers Weekly

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“It is difficult to put this amazing, life-changing program into words! I learned (and continue to learn) so much from the teachers. They are so intelligent, professional, wise, compassionate, entertaining. This became a community of people I had searched a long time for... the people I needed to teach me how to live well and to reach my optimal health. My saddest day of the course was the last and knowing it was over. Recommended to all interested in making an investment in living better. It is so worth it!" SHANNON

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