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Open House Via Zoom

TIOSN is resuming our hands-on program

at a new location!

garden photo.jpeg
garden photo.jpeg

Sustainable Nutrition Certification Program

TIOSN is resuming our year-long hands-on program in a new location lush with beautiful gardens, mature and diverse medicinal plants,
pollinator flowers, fruit trees, berries and vegetables!

With health at the forefront of our minds, this is an ideal opportunity to learn the holistic and sustainable skills that TIOSN offers in our Sustainable Nutrition Certificate Program. 


In a dynamic and hands-on environment, learn how
to forage for food and medicine, create healing 
meals from locally sourced, nutrient-dense ingredients, realize the connection between the science of nutrition, human health and soil health, while experiencing sustainable, and effective soil regeneration techniques first hand. Learn how to put these essential life-enhancing skills into practice within a supportive and nurturing community.

Our program begins mid-September with live hands-on outdoor classes combined with dynamic zoom presentations. Our approach offers a resilient, flexible, and sustainable approach for learning these important skills for many years to come.


Want to Learn More?

If you are curious about the TIOSN program and how it might fit into your life, consider joining us for an


September 1, at 6:30 pm EST

To register click below:

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